Panda Planner Review: Keeping You on Task at Work

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Crossing off an item on your to-do list brings so much satisfaction. But too often, the most frustrating part of organization involves finding the best method. Luckily, the products in this Panda Planner review can help.

Daily planners foster habits that carry health benefits. Such organization helps with time management and record-keeping. And this organizational habit can reduce stress. Planner upkeep helps ensure a healthier lifestyle by increasing the likelihood of a healthier diet and exercise routine.

Well, productivity planners take it one step further. These agendas go beyond a simple calendar or to-do list. They help you target goals and reach them in specific, rewarding ways. If used properly and consistently, the planners in this Panda Planner review will dramatically improve your life.

Panda’s Planned History

Michael Leip, the creator of Panda Planner, founded this company after overcoming Lyme Disease, Traumatic Brain Injury, and cancer. Leip felt at the end of his rope both physically and mentally.

So he set out to find a better way to cope with his anxiety and depression. His answer was a better organizational system based on books and peer-reviewed journals. He wanted to create a motivational system to better reach goals and live a more fulfilled life.

Leip soon shared with the world the widely-successful product you find in this Panda Planner review.

Panda Planner Pro

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The Panda Planner Pro uses proven principles from positive psychology and neuroscience to partner you with a goal-oriented system for staying on task at work and in life.

Next, we read what professional reviewers say about the featured product in this Panda Planner review. Additionally, such websites were helpful in further understanding the process behind the Panda approach.

Like many traditional planners, this one features monthly, weekly, and daily planning pages. However, it stands worlds apart from other planners with ways to help you reach goals and stay focused. It’s almost like having the world’s best life coach at your side.

Mindful monthly view

Wise weekly glance

Determined daily snapshots

Behind the Panda Planner Review

Researching data for the Panda Planner review was more fun than originally thought! Seeing all of the ways we can get organized and focused was both eye-opening and inspiring.

First, we studied the Panda Planner Pro specifically. We dove into its pages using trustworthy websites like Amazon and the Panda manufacturer’s page. We explored all of the features and studied available images to get an idea of what’s inside each Panda Planner.

Next, we read what professional reviewers say about the featured product in this Panda Planner review. Additionally, such websites were helpful in further understanding the process behind the Panda approach.

After that, we relied on what professional publications like Good Housekeeping and The Strategist say about the best productivity planners. Finally, we explored these products through Amazon and the manufacturers’ websites.

Similarly, these websites helped us visualize each section in different planners.

In the end, we were left with a comprehensive Panda Planner review to better help you choose your best method for organization and staying on task at work.

Parallel Planners

It would be ironic for you to be overwhelmed and disorganized by all of the options in planners! After all, we want to help you better streamline and prioritize your hectic life. So here are three comparable products to the Panda Planner Pro in no particular order.

The Phoenix Planner

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First up is the sleek Phoenix Planner, which comes in charcoal, sapphire, crimson, or ivory. Each planner includes an elastic closure as well as two ribbon bookmarks to better locate your page.

The Phoenix Planner process involves first determining your vision and goals. From there, you create a unified life vision based on goals with attainable measurements, meaningful reflection, and key actions. Then, you create your roadmap.

The monthly roadmap features undated boxes in which you can jot down important appointments and reminders. Then, the weekly pages incorporate space to note what you are proud of, wish to improve, and are grateful for. Next, you identify four goals along with action and habit boxes to help you reach those goals.

Also, the daily pages of the Phoenix feature hour-long time slots along the left page. Next to it, the key action boxes help you focus on what you are grateful for, how you seek to conquer fears, which victories you achieved, and how to improve going forward.

Lastly, the Phoenix comes with how-to introductory pages and video tutorials for using your planner. With your purchase, you also gain access to a private community of like-minded individuals.

EVO Planner

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Whereas the Phoenix Planner focuses on your emotional awareness, the EVO Planner draws its strength from your brain.

The process of the EVO Planner involves first determining your brain type by taking its survey. Brain types include the Architect, Alchemist, Oracle, and 

Explorer. Uniquely, EVO designs a planner based on each brain type.

Inside, you can find eight undated monthly spreads, each covering two pages.

There, you have space to list your projects, to-do lists, monthly goals, and your “why,” or reason for doing. A perk is that the EVO includes space to designate specific actions to achieve your monthly goals.

Additionally, the EVO provides space for 28 weeks’ worth of plans. Each week you can definitively separate your work and personal spaces. And you can identify not only your top three tasks but those that take priority.

Additionally, you can scan the QR code and load all of your data to the app for storage and easy reference.

Finally, the daily pages are where the different brain types come into play. The 180 total pages of daily planning differ slightly depending on your survey results.

Because the Architect brain likes organization and starting each day with a plan, the daily pages of this planner cater to that need. So there is space to “dump” the Architect's brain and focus on a wellness plan. Also, it provides specific room to plan how to do each task and approximately how long it will take.

Note that each journal differs depending on brain type.

Simple Elephant Planner

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The final product in this Panda Planner review offers you 12 months’ worth of organization. The Simple Elephant Planner comes in four available colors: black, blue, lilac, and pink. Its hard leatherette cover is adorned with an elephant. And its elastic band and integrated pen holder keep you organized.

The Simple Elephant approach differs slightly from its competitors. With the Simple Elephant, you begin first with a recognition of and appreciation for the left and right sides of your brain.

The left side is logical and analytical. Knowing that, you determine your mindmap. Contrastingly, the right side of your brain is visual, so you create your vision board to see your future successes.

With your mindmap and vision boards created, you then tackle your monthly pages. These colorful pages borrow goals from your vision board and break them down. This undated spread is relatively open, allowing your creativity to flourish.

Next, its weekly pages encourage you to reflect on the past while adjusting actions for upcoming weeks. You can recognize successes and target growth habits.

Furthermore, each daily spread covers two pages. Here, you have virtually free reign for planning individual days.

Finally, the perks of the Simple Elephant also make it special. It comes with stickers that help recognize and celebrate victories. These stickers are also great to use for appointment or task reminders.

Focused Finish

Hopefully, the products in this Panda Planner review excite you as much as us! Each presents a unique approach to becoming more organized and productive in your life.

If you value spiritual awareness, the Phoenix Planner provides the most opportunity to recognize and appreciate every aspect of your life.

However, those who are more scientifically-minded will value the technical approach and personalized options with the EVO Planner.

Finally, those who already embody strong self-motivation will succeed with the relatively open-ended design of the Simple Elephant.

That being said, you cannot go wrong with the Panda Planner Pro, which effortlessly combines the features of its three competitors. The Panda offers you a proven psychological approach to better organizing your life.

But don’t let us decide for you! Comment below which planner in this Panda Planner review will help keep you productive and on task at work.

Featured Photo by Lauren Sauder on Unsplash


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