Why Does My Chair Squeak? Possible Reasons and How to Fix Them

fixing my squeaky chair

"Why does my chair squeak?" That’s a question asked by millions of people around the world struggling to get work done with an annoying squeaking sound in their ears. Unfortunately, if you own a chair for long enough, there’s a good chance it will start squeaking.

Why Does My Chair Squeak?

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There are several potential reasons for your chair's squeaking, ranging from a loose bolt to natural wear and tear. However, most of the time, there are ways to eliminate the squeaking problem.

Before you can do that, though, you need to find the cause and ask yourself the question, "Why does my chair squeak?"

You also need to identify what type of chair you have. Different kinds of chairs have different common causes for squeaking. If you determine what type of chair you have, you’ll be able to figure out the cause of the squeaking much easier.

Wooden chairs

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Wooden chairs are some of the most common chairs for people to have in their homes. Most houses have wooden chairs in the dining area, office, bedrooms, and many other places.

As a result, if you’re asking yourself, "Why does my chair squeak?" there’s a good chance you’re referring to a wooden chair.

Fortunately, with wooden chairs, it’s usually easy to identify the cause of the squeaking. That’s because the most common cause of squeaking in wooden chairs is a loose part.

Generally, all the bolts and screws on a wooden chair are visible. This means you can check each screw individually.

Once you identify which screw is loose, you’ll want to determine how it got that way. It could’ve just come unscrewed naturally over time, or it could’ve gotten rusty. Additionally, some screws are held together by glue, and it can be easy for it to rub off.

Once you assess the cause of the squeaking and what caused it, you can get started fixing it.



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Armchairs have sturdier legs than regular chairs. As a result, it’s uncommon for squeaking to be the result of loose legs.

If your armchair rolls, it’s more common for the wheels of the chair to start rusting or come loose in some way. It’s also possible that a random portion of the chair came loose inside.

A spring inside the cushion may be the source of the squeaking, but you’d need to strip the chair to confirm this fact. Consequently, this really should be the last thing you check.

First, you should check for loose screws or rust before taking any drastic measures.

​Office chairs

office chair

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Office chairs
 are the most common chairs for people to ask the question of, "Why does my chair squeak?" That’s because there are so many moving parts within office chairs, especially when it comes to the best office chair for neck pain.

These desk chairs often have reclining features that can start to squeak, and armrests that may begin to make noise after some time. Additionally, since most office chairs have an adjustable height, the metal parts that control this mechanism can start to squeak.

So you can effortlessly scoot around your work area, office chairs also have wheels. This means there’s a good chance your wheels will start to squeak after a while.

You’ll need to be very thorough when assessing an office chair because there are so many potential causes of squeaking. However, once you’ve found your cause, you’ll be able to get to work fixing it like with any chair.

Does Squeaking Mean My Chair Is About to Fall Apart?

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A lot of the time, squeaking means some of the joints are loose in your chair. However, this does not mean it's on the verge of falling apart.

Instead, it means your chair isn’t in peak condition and needs some minor fixes.

If you have a chair that’s close to falling apart, you’ll surely know. The first obvious sign is your chair will shift around a lot. Every time you move, your chair will feel unstable.

However, squeaking does mean that your chair is on the way to that state. While you aren’t necessarily close to it, if you don’t do anything, your chair will end up there eventually.

In other words, it’s essential to address squeaking when you notice it, so you aren’t forced to purchase a new chair sooner than expected.

​​How to Stop Your Chair from Squeaking

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If you’re asking yourself the question, "Why does my chair squeak?" you’re also probably looking for solutions to fix it.

We’ll walk you through a few methods for repairing your squeaky chair. However, you should keep in mind that you need to identify the source of the problem before following through with any solutions.

Check the screws

Grease all the mechanisms

Remove screws before lubricating

Check the back of your chair

Inspect the wheels

Worst case scenario

If nothing has worked and you’re still asking yourself, "Why does my chair squeak?" it likely means the piston that adjusts the height of your chair is squeaking.

In this situation, you’ll need to disassemble your chair almost entirely to apply the lubricant. So, if you’re in a position where you need to do this, you might as well lubricate every part of the chair that moves.

Once you’ve done this, there should be no way for your chair to squeak. Once the entire chair has had a lubricant applied to it, and all the screws are secured, your chair will be free from that awful noise.

Do You Feel Comfortable Fixing Your Squeaky Chair?

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You came to us to answer the question, "Why does my chair squeak?" We hope that we’ve helped answer that question and provided much-needed silence to your life!

The most important thing to remember is every chair is different, and you need to be thorough to solve this problem.

As you may have noticed, fixing a squeaky chair mostly comes down to ensuring that all the screws are tight and applying a lubricant to the portions of the chair that move.

The steps listed above show you the best order to tighten screws and apply lubricant. In other words, following the steps in order rather than skipping around will save you time in the long run.

Have we helped you answer the question of, "Why does my chair squeak?" What was the cause of the squeaking in your chair? Let us know in the comments!

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